Lift-Off E-188 (Type I Deicer)

Lift-Off E-188 is an Ethylene Glycol based deicing fluid containing water, corrosion inhibitors, wetting agents and an orange dye. It is qualified to SAE AMS 1424 standards.

Lift-Off E-188 can be delivered in either concentrated or pre-diluted product form.


Lift-Off E-188 Concentrate nominally contains approximately 88% by weight Ethylene Glycol. It MUST BE mixed with the appropriate amount of water BEFORE USE to make an aqueous deicing solution with the desired freezing point. Consult your winter operations manual and our product guide for details before use.

Lift-Off E-188 delivery options:

  • Bulk
    • ~19,000 litres (~5,000 gallons) per tanker truckload
      ~32,000 litre deliveries are possible in some locations
    • ~22,700 litres (~6,000 gallons) per ISO tank
    • Up to ~70,000 litres (~18,500 gallons) per railcar
  • Totes – ~1,000 litres (~265 gallons) each
  • Drums – ~208 litres (~55 gallons) each